First to the best ….pursuing our vision

Continuous Efforts :For over 50 years ,Commax has focused on “Home” .Over the years Commax has brought security ,safety and convenience to everybody’s home .We have developed the ” Door Phone ” to check visitors and the  Video Door phone  ” to verify who is at your front door .

Commax has created the Home Network System ,which helped reduce concerns related to internal and external dangers .Commax Home lifts your burdens and ensures that you and your family can rest and relax peacefully .


Commax : Beyond the Best

We confidently state that we are the best at what we do .As a leader in the home network solutions .Commax has been driving technology advancements to deliver more convenience and security to all people .Now ,we intend to realize a new vision that only COMMAX can bring to fruition for a better future residential life .






Taken from the Commax Anniversary Book


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